Compact Events

2023 Past Ghana Compact Events

17th January 2023

Constitutional Review Forum

Following the meeting of constitution experts, the previous week, a second meeting constituting Ghanaian statesmen was convened. This esteemed group further deliberated upon matters relating to constitutional reforms and suggested actionable ways to move the review process forward.

17th January 2023

Development Planning Technical Consultation

Representatives from ministry agencies, private sector, MMDA’s and CSO’s came together to discuss the challenges that have plagued national development planning over the last 30 years, the structures required to make the NDPC more effective and the systems that need to be put in place at the local government level for effective implementation of development plans. Participants also got the opportunity to learn best practices from development practitioners from India and Kenya.

17th January 2023

Constitutional Review Technical Consultation

After several technical consultations on the challenges facing the nation, it became apparent that the solutions to these issues are only feasible if they are underpinned by constitutional reforms. To that end, the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in collaboration with the Ghana Compact and the NCCE brought together constitution experts to prioritse proposed constitution reforms and construct a feasible roadmap for implementation.

17th January 2023

Gender Technical Consultation

Held at the Holiday Inn, Accra, the half day workshop on Gender was well attended participants coming from leading civil society organizations and women’s groups, the academia, representatives from political parties and state institutions as well as seasoned and highly respected gender activists. The discussions covered topics like access to land, women’s rights, women’s access to political power and leadership positions and inequalities in health and education. The Gender technical consultation was co-hosted by the African Center for Economic Transformation and NETRIGHT.

2022 Past Ghana Compact Events

The Ghana Compact Retreat

The Ghana Compact Retreat was held at the Peduase Valley Resort from July 13th to 14th. The retreat which was convened by the African Center for Economic Transformation brought together over 50 participants. The overall objectives were to discuss technical papers prepared by leading policy institutes, set out the roadmap for national consultations, review progress in planning for the launch of the Compact and to deliberate on the way forward to ensure the success of the Compact.

July 14th

Compact briefing with former President Kufour

After the Compact retreat at Peduase, Dr. Amoako of ACET together with other key personalities met with former President Kufour. The group gave him an update on the discussions and conclusions drawn from the retreat as well as next steps for the Ghana Compact.

September 13th

Dinner with Compact Advisory Group.

ACET hosted a dinner for the Compact Advisory Group at the Movempick Ambassador hotel. Guests were given an update on the Compact process, and they shared insights and gave advice on the way forward.

28 October 2022

Private Sector Technical Consultation 

In collaboration with the Association of Ghana Industries, ACET held the first of a series of Compact technical consultations at the Alisa hotel, ridge. This workshop -which focused on Private Sector development -brought together business leaders to discuss proposed reforms to transform the Ghanaian business ecosystem over the next 25 years. 

8th November 2022

Fiscal Technical Consultation 

The Fiscal technical consultation co-hosted by the Parliamentary Finance Select Committee and ACET brought together policy experts and past managers of Ghana’s economy to deliberate on the fiscal challenges Ghana has faced over the past three decades and how to address them. Participants discussed three thematic areas: Resource Mobilization, Expenditure Management and Debt

29th November 2022

Values Workshop 

Following the values discussion held at the Peduase retreat, a Values workshop was held at the African Regent to progress the conversation and to define the values and radical mind shift needed to bring about Ghana’s political and economic transformation.

6th December 2022

Launch of the Ghana Compact   

The brainchild of Dr. Amoako, founder and President of African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET), the Ghana Compact was launched on December 6th at the Accra International Conference Center. Developed by ACET in partnership with major policy institutes and civil society organizations in Ghana, the Compact outlines goals for governance, political processes, economic management, and inclusion for the country over the next 25 years.